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Introducing J.G. Family Law

Introducing J.G. Family Law

Welcome to my website.  My name is Jonathan Goldman and I am a family law attorney in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

When I first decided to go to law school, I did not have a set path in mind when settling on what kind of an attorney I wanted to be.  In reality, the concept of law school terrified me. Initially, I was not real keen on speaking in front of others, and was concerned about whether I would have the stamina for the extraordinary amount of reading required for law school.  During the process, however, I grew out of my fear of speaking before others and came to enjoy the process of becoming an attorney. It was while taking an elective class in family law that I discovered where my eventual path would lead in the legal profession.

Upon completing law school at Thomas M. Cooley, I moved to the Denver area and began my journey as a family law attorney.  There I helped many clients through divorces, custody cases, child support matters, restraining orders, adoptions, and pretty much anything related to family law.  After several years of gaining valuable experience in Colorado, I moved with my family to Green Bay, Wisconsin, where my wife and her family are from. We are now the parents of two little girls and are enjoying life back in the Great Lakes area.

During my 8+ years in family law, I have had the pleasure of laughing, crying, embracing, listening to, and, most of all, helping my clients. There is nothing more satisfying than assisting others through a difficult time in their lives. As an experienced attorney, I have the professional skills to remove the stress from my clients in my capacity as their legal advocate.

My law firm will be built around the core values of communication, listening, education, and advocacy.  I want to be the kind of attorney whose clients can look back at the representation they received and feel gratified at having retained me as their counsel.

It is my firm belief that an effective attorney keeps his client informed through each phase of their case, listening closely to them in order to learn what their goals and concerns are.  An effective attorney educates his client, as it is the client who ultimately makes the final decision, and who, without the knowledge shared by the attending attorney, is rendered less capable of making those decisions on their own and in their best interest.  Lastly, an effective attorney will advocate for the client. Advocacy does not involve the attorney doing as he pleases. Rather, it involves the attorney communicating with his clients, advising them on the different aspects of their case, and guiding them through the court process to make sure their voice is heard.

I will be honored and pleased to assist you as your attorney in any of your family law needs.