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Filing for divorce can be one of the most difficult life decisions an individual has to make. The ideal divorce is where both sides can set aside their emotional indifferences and come to an amicable resolution. Unfortunately, this result is not always attainable. When this is not achieved it is usually the result of a party’s inability to manage stress and they tend to react based upon raw emotion which could have negative implications on your case.

If you find yourself overwhelmed and in this situation of uncertainty you are not alone. Fortunately, at J.G. Law LLC we aim to relieve you of that stress and assist you throughout the legal process. Here at J.G. Law LLC you will find our attorneys provide you, the client, with the following:

  • Honest, open, and direct communication
  • Authentic answers about your case
  • Top-Notch advocacy from start to finish

We want you to feel that you have someone to confide in throughout the duration of your Divorce. We want you to ask questions and to feel comfortable and confident in the representation you receive.

Navigating the Divorce Process

What to Expect

In the State of Wisconsin, you cannot become divorced until 120 days have lapsed from the signing of a Joint Petition or from when the opposition has been served. During this 120-day time period many things can occur. If the parties can come to an amicable resolution the Court will schedule what is called a non-contested hearing. This is where you appear before the Court Commissioner or Judge and in a non-contested fashion become divorced.

Even if your case is not amicably resolved, so long as the issues within your case remain relatively minor, you can expect a similar outcome. The only difference when disputed issues remain is that you must then appear at a contested hearing. At this contested hearing your attorney will put on evidence in an effort to convince the Judge to reason and side with your facts and persuasive argument.

The outcome(s) that lead to a longer process involve cases with several contested issues that include but are not limited to: division of retirement accounts, spousal support, appraisals of businesses and contested matters concerning children. In these situations, you will need to fasten your seat belt because your ride just became a whole lot bumpier.

At J.G. Law LLC we will work with you side-by-side to ensure we are advocating for you. We will not shy away from providing you with our candid advice and will maintain professionalism throughout representation. We have handled both simple and complex divorces and that experience will prove to be invaluable throughout your Divorce.