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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I file for divorce?

Filing for divorce in the State of Wisconsin requires the preparation of what are called initial pleadings. These initial pleadings are the Petition (with or without minor children), the Summons, and Confidential Petition Addendum. These forms can be found through the Wisconsin Courts. Once you have prepared your initial pleadings you simply proceed to the Courthouse, pay your filing fee, and your case has begun.

What do I do if I want to leave the State with my child and no orders are in place?

When there are no Custody Orders in place an individual is free to leave the State of Wisconsin (with the children) if they so choose. However, if in fact they do leave they need to prepared for the potential of a Custody action being filed and quite possibly the Court ordering that the children return to Wisconsin until further Orders have been entered. It is equally important to understand that certain situations warrant leaving the State with the children. If you have found yourself in this situation please do not hesitate to contact us immediately as non-action could be detrimental to your ability to leave with the children or on the other hand ensure that you continue to see your children.

I am in an abusive relationship and need to seek protection. What are my options?

It is advised to leave the relationship as soon as possible, but often times people are fearful for how the other person may react in the event that occurs. Therefore, your best option would be to seek a restraining order for protection. A restraining order can prevent an individual from having contact, including contact between 3rd party individuals.

Do I have to pay my spouse alimony (maintenance)?

Paying alimony (maintenance) during a divorce is the product of several factors that a court must consider. In some circumstance’s alimony is awarded when an individual is the higher income earner and the parties have been married for several years. In other circumstances alimony is not awarded where both parties have the ability to earn an income and they have a large marital estate. Alimony is a case-by-case determination. In order to evaluate whether or not your case is ripe or not ripe for an award of alimony it would be wise to consult with one of our experienced family law attorney’s here at J.G. Law LLC.

How much does a divorce cost?

The cost of divorce can vary depending on several factors. For instance, each attorney and each firm set their own billing structure. Some firms utilize a more traditional billing system where the client is billed out at an hourly rate. Other firms use a fixed rate system where you end up paying for various stages up front for a pre-determined amount. Additionally, the cost of divorce can vary depending on whether or not you have children and how many issues you are disputing.
While there is no “hard” answer to this question there are expectations that can be determined as a result of how involved your case is. For instance, two people that want to get divorced where they have no children and everything is amicable will typically result in the least amount of attorney fees being expended. On the other hand, where you have two individuals that want to obtain a divorce and they cannot agree upon custody, the division of assets, and one party is seeking alimony you will see that they each end up spending thousands of dollars on attorney fees.
While spending little on attorney fees or thousands it is important to find an attorney who will properly advocate for you. Here at J.G. Law LLC we take pride in educating and representing our clients based upon our experience to ensure that our clients walk away satisfied with the representation received. If you would like to know more information about what your case will cost please contact us today for a consultation.

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