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15:13 13 Dec 22
Mr. Goldman was a beakon of light for me in my darkest hours. He always listened to all my problems and gave me comfort when I needed it. If you want to trust anyone with life choices I would highly recommend JG law I have full confidence with him and his firm and he is amazing.
Courtney MaceCourtney Mace
17:00 02 Nov 22
Amazing attorney who cares about his clients. He was very thorough, very knowledgeable and always was quick to respond if I needed advice. We went to court with what I wanted for placement/custody and I got exactly that. Would hire him again anytime I need an attorney.
Kendra SeiferKendra Seifer
20:20 21 Oct 22
Jonathan, has been a huge help in two cases for me. I had a weird situation, where it was not a divorce, but we owned a house together and had a child together. Not only did Jonathan represent me in family court very well, he also represented me in a civil case - real estate, very well.Jonathan was always on top of everything, responsive to my messages, calls, questions.If anyone needs a good solid lawyer. I recommend Jonathan! Hands down.He treats his clients like his own. Will not be disappointed.
Phenomenal OnePhenomenal One
21:47 14 Oct 22
Jonathan is a great attorney to have on your side. He walked me through the whole process, helped me not make decisions off of emotion and completely focus on what was the right path for my family. As a male I expected the worst, I expected to lose. He got me the real result needed for my family and worked with me, keeping me informed and up to date. If you need a lawyer who is going to be there and actually care about you and your family then Jonathan is your guy.
pamela kerstenpamela kersten
13:42 04 Feb 22
Jonathan is an exceptional attorney. I’ve had one of the most complicated and drawn out cases that’s spanned 2 decades and had more than 25 attorneys. I can honestly say that in an emergency situation with not very much time, he was able to do more for my case than attorneys I had spent thousands more on that did nothing but burn through my retainer and leave me with nothing to show. He was truly meant to be an attorney. He has a gift. If you are lucky enough to retain him, he won’t disappoint.

Great work

Jonathan Golman took my case and walked me through it, he shows he care about me no about the money, he’s very knowledgeable of what he’s doing. He got my family back in tack I can say he got what I need and want it .
He is a great lawyer I really appreciate it
Thanks again for everything you did .

Freddy Orozco

Best attorney in the Green Bay area

If you are looking for advice or need a consult about divorce or custody issues Jonathan is the right attorney for you. I called him and he was the only attorney that actually took the time to listen to my issues and then was able to guide me in the right direction. Thanks so much!!


High conflict custody

I came to John at a very desperate time of my life. I was seeking peace and safety for my daughter and myself. I have never been in better hands with any attorney like I was with John. He is an honest attorney, who truly cares about his clients and their well being, as well as the future of all parties involved. Most importantly the children. He is extremely genuine and professional. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to represent me. He made me feel safe, protected and in good hands. I will never forget one of our meetings, he could see the anxiety inside of me. The worry and fear I expressed. He told me,”My job is to take on all this stress away from you”. When he said that, I felt it deep within me. That’s exactly what he did. For the next 2 in a half years he represented myself and my daughter in a very high conflict situation. I am forever grateful for all the dedicated hard work he put into my case. He is a true and genuine person, which is extremely rare to come across in legal circumstances.

Sadly, he had relocated out of state and was no longer able to represent me. I have had multiple attorneys represent me since him. There has not been one person who comes close to to the level of care, diligence, strategy, and attention to detail then Mr. John Goldman. He changed my life and my daughter’s life, for the better and made me feel safe again.

I highly recommend his services to any individual who is needing peace of mind, justice, fairness, safety, and especially anyone with children in a high conflict situation. You are in only the best of hands. He is the best there is out there!


Highly recommended

Jon and Amanda were extremely easy to work. I was very impressed on how available and responsive his office was during the divorce process. He definitely knows the law and this reassured me that i hired the right office for the job. Would highly recommend Jonathon



We had a great experience with Jonathan. He was always quick to respond to calls/texts/emails. Anytime there was a curve ball thrown he never doubted us or gave up on us. He listened to understand and help get everything we needed. For us it wasnt about winning it was about getting to the truth, which he helped make that happen! He gave us his true honest opinion and not just what we wanted to hear. He helped us keep our family together. He was very affordable and reasonable with his retainer and ongoing services. We couldn’t be more thankful for our experience with JG Law. Thank you, for everything.

Shawn and Carrie


Jonathan represented me today in my divorce case that has been closed for about 15 years because my almost adult son’s father refused for 12 years to pay his share. In all these years, I’ve never gone after him because I didn’t ever want my son to be put in the middle or be forced to go stay there where he doesn’t want to be. My son lives full time with me and visited him 6 times in 2021, but he sees nothing wrong with claiming him as a dependent even though he pays no child support and contributes nothing. He’s a bully and I had enough, so I called Jonathan. I knew from our first conversation that he was the right choice because he asked me questions to solve the problem and there was no BS. He was full of ideas and offered several different options along with possible outcomes. I was surprised with his small retainer compared to others. He was FANTASTIC and got it settled quickly, quietly, and tastefully without involving my son today-exactly how I wanted it to be. I 100% recommend JG Law for anyone who needs a FAIR family lawyer who actually cares about his clients and not about the money. I felt better today than I have in years. Because of Jonathan, I’m no longer a doormat paying for my son’s father’s vacations. Thank you!!!



I obtained JG Law (Jon) back in early 2020 after My sons mother decided to keep my son from me and a week before this occurred the mother of my son made a comment about moving to Colorado after her dad told her to run with our son. That day I contacted Jon as I was really worried for my son safety and future as I would never bail on my responsibilities.

Jon knew exactly what to do and he immediately met with me and filed the proper paperwork with the courts.

Unfortunately because of Covid19 My case took a lot longer then needed i would say if Covid19 did not interfere my case could have been concluded way faster but because of all this Jon was very understanding when i vented to him about things. Jon never took anything i said personally. Jon is truly a man of his word and his ethics are on POINT. My case took 18 months as of 24Sept2021 My Custody Case was settled with me getting 50/50 placement and custody.

Jon is very knowledgeable and professional and knows what he is doing I would Highly RECOMMEND AND ENCOURGE YOU TOO USE JG LAW.


Nicholas and Liam Johnson

Very impressive….

As if going through a divorce isn’t hard enough, the idea of choosing and working with an attorney is scary too. So intimidating! Jonathan put me at ease right off the bat and continued to keep me as grounded as possible. As an overthinker, I had a lot of questions and concerns along the way (I probably drove him nuts, lol) but he ALWAYS got back to me in a timely fashion. He was knowledgeable, efficient, honest, fair & tough when needed. I am very happy with the results….not only in the details of the case, but in HOW things were handled. Very moral and respectable…which helps my ex and I to remain amicable! Though I don’t wish divorce on anyone, I would definitely recommend Jonathan if you find yourself in that position. Thank you so much Jonathan!!


Divorce Rep

Jonathan is a very knowledgeable divorce attorney. I was very impressed with Jonathan from the very first time I talked to him. He is very open, honest and straight forward – very easy to talk to and was very good with his availability or would get back to you within a very short time after leaving message. Even when my divorce case was dismissed he told me if I ever have any questions to feel free to give him a call. I would highly recommend Jonathan to anyone looking for a divorce or family law attorney.

Darlene Western

Jonathan represented me in my divorce case

Jonathan is an amazing attorney. My divorce was a difficult case from the beginning and he jumped right in, gathered all the facts and was right there when I needed him. He’s very thorough and kept me included every step of the way. He’s very knowledgeable & fair and doesn’t price gouge you unnecessarily like most attorneys do. My divorce ended with a fair settlement and I’m very happy with the outcome. He’s always available and will fight for exactly what you want. I would definitely recommend hiring him!!


Jonathan is an extremely talented, strong and confident attorney- Dedicated to his clients!

It is my privilege to recommend Jonathan Goldman, an extremely talented, strong and confident attorney who cares a great deal about his clients. Jonathan is a very observant attorney with exceptionally strong eye for detail, who demonstrated the breadth of his legal expertise and knowledge when we hired him to represent a particularly complex family law custody case.

He was a blessing to us at a time when options appeared limited and the likelihood of a satisfactory resolution seemed nigh on impossible. His legal training and expertise are evident in his interaction with other lawyers, courthouse staff and clients. He explained the legal process in a manner easily understood. He adequately prepared us for deposition to prevent us from becoming flustered in a setting where opposing counsel posed seemingly bias’s and confrontational.

Jonathan’s calm and empathetic demeanor offered emotional succor to myself and those I care about. For potential clients seeking legal representation, I highly recommend attorney Jonathan Goldman. He has demonstrated the character and work ethic that I am confident will lead to continued success in his legal career.

Daniel Corrao


Very Very smart! 2nd time that i have used his services. I am very pleased with his level minded approach on situations. Other lawyers are in it for money this guy is very good at his job and genuinely cares about clients. It isn’t just a Business deal!


Amazing man and attorney!

Jonathan is an amazing attorney and man. While most other attorney’s I spoke too wanted to just stick it to my ex. Jonathan wasn’t like that. He let me know up front that he was in it for the best interest of my son, even if that meant upsetting me. He helped me through a very difficult custody battle. During this time, he could have easily taken the low road, but he didn’t. Jonathan isn’t like that. I feel blessed, I not only got an amazing attorney but also got a friend out of it. Wisconsin you are lucky to have gotten such a great man and attorney!

Jared Roese

owner douglas Arthur salon

Jonathan has been my attorney for more than 8 years. During that time Jonathan has handled tax issues for me on a business and personal level. He is always knowledgeable and well researched in whatever specific area of those issues needed to be addressed. His interaction with the IRS on these issues has been diplomatic, intelligent, tactful, honest, extremely direct (when needed), confident, and tenacious. He doesn’t back away “just because it’s the IRS”. He understands my rights as a tax payer and will vehemently defend those rights. . He has pursued all avenues when needed, and we have always had favorable results for me, and my business. He has wisdom, patience, and legal maturity beyond his years. i also consider him a good friend. I would highly reccomend him for any legal representation that you might need.

Douglas Cherwien

Excellent Lawyer!

Mr. Goldman is an excellent lawyer. He’s knowledgeable about the legal system and is professional on every level. I highly recommend J.G. Law to anyone seeking legal counsel!


Child Support /custody

I used Jonathan for dealing with my Ex husband not paying Child support and in turn got full custody of my 15 year old twin boys. He was professional, knowledgeable and knows how to present himself. I wouldn’t use anyone else for my situation!


Jonathan represented me in a temporary restraining order hearing against my husband and we were successful in making it permanent for the maximum amount of time that I was looking for.

He was so professional, intelligent, and really studied my case. He asked all the right questions to make my case most effective!! I felt like he fought for me and hard! He has allowed me to be able to move forward in my life and I can’t thank him enough!!


Jonathan exceeded my expectations.

Going through my divorce was one of the most difficult and trying times in my life. Having a lawyer like Jonathan, who’s knowledge and support gave me profound security when I needed it the most means more to me than words can describe. Hiring Jonathan was absolutely the best decision that I had made in that time in my life.


The best advocate that I could have hoped for

A divorce is devastating. Family law lawyers may know statutes, procedures, and tactics, but many see your case as just another case – they’ll give it their best, but in the end the next one is just around the corner. That approach is not Jonathan Goldman.
Jonathan took the time to deeply understand me, my situation, my wants from the divorce and my hopes for life beyond it. He listened, thoughtfully counseled, and ultimately coached me through it as much as anyone else from my primary support system. He cares, and that is the difference that you want in a family law attorney. He truly and earnestly cares about his clients.
I have nothing but humbled gratitude and admiration for Jonathan and for Goldman Law, and will forever be a satisfied reference for them both. He is incredibly intelligent, detailed at his work, prompt, and a highly effective litigator.
Thank you, Jonathan, and God Bless.


Awesome Lawyer!!

I have worked with Jonathan. He is a awesome lawyer. When I met him, I was in a desperate situation because I needed to go to the Court the next day. I was willing to accept my case and went there with me. My opposing party was so controlling but he became my shields and gave me very Realistic and Reasonable legal advice. That helped me a lot to see my case as it is and to prepare how to defend myself. Also, I am an immigrant who is not a fluent English speaker but he tried to understand me a lot. I highly recommend him again.


Child Custody case

Jonathan Goldman worked with me on my case. He worked very diligently and expeditiously to get matters resolved. Unlike lawyers in the past he followed up appropriately and worked with my timeline. Jonathan also did not nickel and dime me for every little thing like my past lawyer. He was extremely fair with his pricing and what I paid was well worth his legal services. Above all he is extremely professional and a realist. He will not promise things that he knows will not happen and he will discuss the reasoning behind his thoughts. If you need an attorney that works hard for the customer I HIGHLY recommend him. I would also like to thank Shannon who is their paralegal. She is also very professional and was extremely helpful in everything. Thank you Goldman team for this win!


Jonathan is a great attorney!

Jonathan is very professional, quick, and on top of things. Jonathan learned my lengthy court case in just 1 week. He is very fast at responding to my calls, and emails. Jonathan keeps on top of things, and gives me great advice. He is also great in court. Jonthan is very fast at speaking, and that is because he knows exactly what he is doing. I would recommend Jonathan any day-all day. He is wonderful, and has helped me out in an emergency situation that I feel I could not do alone. I am excited to continue working with Jonathan, and glad to call him my lawyer. HE IS AWESOME…. IF YOU NEED A LAWYER, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND GIVING HIM A CALL!


Dedicated to his clients and us all about your best interest

We needed an Atty for a custody issue from Denver as we lived out of state. Assisted us even before the retainer fee was finalized. Pulled no punches, professional and very knowledgeable of the judicial system, even with 5 yrs exp, he represented our family member with the utmost dedication to the case and our concerns regarding the situation.


Exemplary Attorney

I hired Jonathan to represent me for a divorce. His professionalism, knowledge, and handling of my case exceeded any and all expectations I had. All of our correspondence, both written and verbal was always clear and concise. As issues arose he handled them very timely and most effectively. It was evident to me he always had my interests in mind. I can say without any reservation, I felt fortunate and lucky to have had Jonathan as my attorney. I would give him my highest recommendation.


Went above and beyond

My divorce was extremely complicated. Had to deal with domestic violence, child abuse, as well as alot of paper work and very tedious work. Jonathan always had my best interest as priority, as well as my daughter’s. Whom my goal was to protect her. At my final divorce hearing I was completely impressed at the prep work, professionalism and knowledge Jonathan had for my case. Although not many years experience, he surpassed any and all expectations. His hourly cost is used effeciantly and honestly. I’m thankful for myself and my kids we had him on our team. I know without a doubt, we would not be as taken care of with any other lawyer


Amazing Attorney

I retained Jonathan to assist me in my Divorce. My divorce included issues of domestic violence, parental alienation, and a division of assets that included a business.

I commend Jonathan for his intuitiveness, knowledge, and consideration in handling my case. He helped me understand the law so that I could be given the opportunity to make my own decisions. Not once did I feel that my rights as the client were be compromised by inefficient counseling.

At the end of the day I was very impressed with Jonathan’s eagerness to fight for my wants and needs, but still maintain professionalism in the way he handled my delicate issues.

Jonathan was very astute in Court. Jonathan came very prepared to our final hearing and I felt confident that I would leave my final hearing with satisfaction that I received the benefit of superb representation throughout my case.


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